• Robin Li
    Chief Executive Officer of Baidu / IDL President

    Co-founder, Chairman and chief executive officer of Baidu, Inc., IDL President. As one of the world's top search engine experts, Robin is responsible for Baidu’s overall strategy planning and business operations.

  • Kai Yu
    Deputy Director of IDL / Distinguished Scientist

    Dr. Kai Yu is the deputy managing director of Baidu IDL, distinguished scientist, the national "1000 Talent Program" expert, and he also is a well-known machine learning expert.

  • Wei Xu
    Distinguished Scientist

    Wei Xu is the distinguished scientist at Baidu IDL, responsible for leading the development of the deep learning platform and the research on related algorithms.

  • Ren Wu
    Distinguished Scientist

    Dr. Ren Wu, distinguished scientist at Baidu IDL. He is renowned for the pioneering idea of using GPUs to accelerate big data analytics as well as the outstanding contribution to large-scale clustering algorithms via GPU.

  • Chang Huang
    Principal R&D Architect / Senior Scientist

    Dr. Chang Huang is one of the world-known experts in computer vision, machine learning, pattern recognition, and information retrieval.

  • Kai Ni
    Senior Scientist

    Dr. Kai Ni, the senior scientist at Baidu IDL. He is responsible for leading the research in 3D computer vision and robotics.

  • Liang Wang
    Senior Scientist

    Dr. Liang Wang is a senior scientist at Baidu’s Institute of Deep Learning, in charge of the research on 3D computer vision and human-computer interaction.